Thursday, May 6, 2010

la revedere

i like the way we had a long and unguided night conversation. the endlessly topics, and the odd jokes.
i like the way we steal a glance from distance. and turn my head away when we caught by.
i like the way he talked about his dreams, and yes we're imagining dreams.
i like hear his scrannel voice when he had a flu.
i like the way he drove a car and tried to guess the right road when we get lost.
i like the way he called me with a thousand crappy calls.
i like the way he begged me to admit that he's Handsome.
i like the way he sing his favorite song. with that bad melodies, some inappropriate lyrics, and broken tones at the end.
i really love his sense of music. he's my favorite musicplayer so far.
i like to enjoy his bad cough every week. sounds like a dying grandpa.
i like to wait his nickname appears on my online list every night.
i like the way we had some games just to complete the tedious night.
i like the way we made our pinkie promises. and believed that God is listening.
i like the way you chose the ice cream flavor. it only took 2,5 seconds after the waitress asked.
i really really love the way we shared our scoops.
choco hazelnut, and vanilla oreo.
such a best combination.

i like the way he licked the ice cream seemed like a hungry predator.
and i need more than an hour to ate them up.

i like the way we taunting each other.
the way we're telling stories we'll always remember.
the way we keep in silence because all of the awkwardness between us.

wondering what's on your mind,
did it match with mine?
wondering how long it would last,
would it be tomorrow or another while?

then i adore how simple we spent that moment, as a goodbye.

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