Saturday, October 30, 2010


yess i had the most memorable happy October in my entire life!
let me tell you how great my seventeenth birthday was..
ehem first happiness was given by a Big guy called "Esak."
we're close friend, then we're getting closer and having a crush lately, hehe.
anyway, He was my senior in senior high school, now he's a student of Brawijaya university in Malang. Lumayan looh jakarta - malang itu cuman 9cm jaraknya tapi di peta dengan skala 1:100000000 -___- (obin's sentence) jadi yaah gue mengubur dalam dalam harapan bisa tiup lilin sama dia. haha, but this is how the magic things begin. after ignoring me all day long, and successfully making me cry He texted me :
"hey, maaf ya lama bales nya, dari kemaren sibuk nyetir, ke Jakarta, demi kamu nih.."
DANGGGG it hit me right on my heart. hahaha. then we were having some great times together.

he picked me up after school and we went to Seaworld!! yeayy!

lalu dia menemani gue semalaman suntuk menghitung detik detik menuju tanggal 19 oktober, my favorite day, my birthday :)
tepat di pukul 00:01 dia mengucapkan happy birthday and wait..... He had another words!! haha he said emm.. you knoww, it's kinnda 'would you be my girlfriend?' words. hahaha. sounds cheesy but hey,,, it was 00:05 right in front of my house gate under the dull and silent dark night A guy came from 900km out there was standing in front of me holding my hands and wanted to be my bf with that yearning eyes! should i say 'No??'
ofcourse not :D

after officialy having a big boyfriend right on my birthday, i started my 19th of october with the widest smile ever. di sekolah berjalan biasa saja. no surprise, no candles, no birthday cake, or birthdaygifts. but hey, fairytale does exist!! sepulang bimbel (esak picked me up and gave me my first birthday cake!) i got another surprise at home, i was so speechless wordless breathless and amost fainted when i the whole of my buddies came out from my room with the loudest Happy birthday song ever! my fave part is they made a big banner and wrote 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARAS ANGGRAINI' with a bottle of Glow in the dark paint!! my room was sparkling and glowing amazingly!! i couldn't even feel my knees at that time. It was 9pm!! they all were still in school uniform. Ternyata ini semua hasil kerjasama Esak, teman teman, dan nyokap gue. hhahaha if only i knew other words i should say to you besides 'Thankyou' guys..... :")

what a lovely birthday cake
lalu di tanggal 23 nya gue mengadakan selamatan kecilkecilan sebenarnya ucapan terimakasih untuk semua teman teman who have successfully made my birthday sucha Blast. gue mau minta maaf juga karena undangannya tidak terlalu banyaak. bukan bermaksud sombong atau ngga temen tapi tapi... gue mmg ingin merayakan dg orang" terdekat saja, juga budget yang paspasan hahah. but Friends forever yaa ppl!! :D and this is my simple birthday celebration

i wanna say tons of thanks for the birthday gifts, i got some cuttie stuffs. they all are awesome but i got 2 best birthday gift ever, here they are..

Kiky and the gank gimme 3 puzzles of my photos! whoaaaawwwwww. that's pretty awesome guys so much thankssss (smooch). and theeen the second one is from my Bigboy esak, he gave me a 'Harmonika' which i've been wondering for so loooooooongg. Thankyouuu dear. (hug!)
But, having those fabulous people in my life is the most valuable gift i've ever had.
Thanks God, for giving me this best fairytale. thank you. please make them happy too. i'm begging you.

with tons of love,
-the happiest birthdaygirl-

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