Thursday, December 23, 2010

grown from fairyworld

i bet most of you girls have ever dreamed about being a princess, walking through the town with the sparkling gold crown on the top of your hair, meet your almost-perfect true love with your own scenarios, and live happily aver after forever with dozen of chubby kids in the big castle with pastel,bright,navy,nude, or maybe dark wall. or maybe some of you aren't really interested or even care with that fairy-shits. but i? i really love and grown up from that fiction stories. so i tried to make my own badbuild castle. which i promise to be jillion ways better in reality -_-.

this is one of my fave story. Rapunzel!! i really in love with the movie.
so i wondered how if i became a rapunzel, how it would be?

okay, thank God for this normal hair, -_- no more Rapunzel.

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