Friday, January 21, 2011

it's suddenly over.

every single road has the end. and so do couples, like us.
i don't even know what's the matter, what's wrong with us, especially with the person who had poured tons of kindness and adorable memories into this short 60 days. i didn't recognize to whom i was talking to lately. you've turned into something that you're absolutely not. or maybe, me that just don't know.
yup, i've never thought that it'd be sucha short short story. it feels like discontinued something that has just started and still running fast. Just like that, it's over. Tormented and torn apart. ironic.
do not ever blame on this far far away condition, distance doesn't ruin relationship, but doubts do, remember when we were standing in front of the huge and large Indonesia map in Seaworld? there we saw that we're far apart, then you said it was morethan 300 km far away. then you went to mecca which thousands miles away from here. But at that time, we have no fear, no doubts for that fuckin' numbers. why? because all we wanted is just to be together. with no matters. that's it.
so much to tell so much to shared, but overall.. i'm kinda missing you in here, the old you. i miss us,i miss the laughs, i miss the latenight conversation, i miss cursing the bad connection during phonecall between this hundreds kilometers. i miss the smell of your car, your blabber cheeks, your fat tummy like a pregnant mommy, your 'not funny' jokes, things we shared, songs we sang, heartwarming hugs we make to each others, and waiting for your coming. i hate how far apart we have grown. i'm sorry if i've done things that might piss you off. i'm sorry if i come off as annoying. i'm just struggling for making my favorite boy better. you don't really care though. thankyou for anything everything. go on then, i put your name on my prays. be happy.
People change,feelings change. it doesn't mean that love once shared wasn't true and real. it simply just means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart. -500 days of summer-

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