Monday, July 25, 2011

everything happens for a reason

heyaaa finally i got my mood to update this site. it has been a month since my last post.
my last 30 days were particularly Random and there are manythings i wanna tell to ya'll.

  • First, i haven't informed you about the FSRD test. yup, as all you know about one of my biggest ambition to become one of FSRD ITB's part.... even based on This post which i wrote about 30 days ago, i was still obsessed, hardly trying and begging to the Almighty God for that. and maybe a couple of months ago, a couple of years behind.... telah gue habiskan untuk bermimpi dan berambisi bisa kuliah disana. belum pernah sebelumnya gue menginginkan sesuatu se-ingin itu. gue sudah menyusun pelan pelan mimpi gue buat jadi seniman. gue rencanakan cita cita gue layaknya menyusun piramid dari kartu remi. amat hati hati. tapi ya apa mau dikata, Jalan gue bukan disana, Tuhan memberikan gue jalan lain, mungkin menurut-Nya bakat gue masih nanggung, atau usaha gue kurang keras, yaa entahlah apapun alasannya tapi gue berusaha untuk sangat ikhlas. mencoba mencari hikmahnya. i do believe that every little thing happens for a reason. i do believe that His plans are much better than my dreams. tidak menyesal sama sekali, at least gue bersyukur gue udah kenal banyak orang orang berbakat karena ambisi gue akan FSRD ITB, gue banyak bertemu teman teman yang sama sama lupa waktu kalo udah megang alat gambar, mereka yang sama sama punya ide yang tidak ada batasnya, mereka yang semuanya menyenangkan se senang gue di bidang ini. At least gue senang 2 tahun belajar ilmu kreativitas yang bisa jadi bekal gue sampai kapanpun. At least gue senang gue sudah mencoba sampai detik terakhir. Terimakasih Tuhan untuk Ilmu Komunikasi - Universitas Indonesia nya. :') mudah-mudahan ini lebih baik dan akan menjadi jalanku yang terbaik. i still making doodles and artworks anyway. i'll draw for all my life, my self, and maybe my kids in some other days :P

Diniella Putirani (teman seperjuangan, we both obsessed about becoming an artists together, got failed twice together, and now face the reality to go to University of Indonesia.. still.. together. for the same major.... what a full-time lover of mine :'))
  • secondly, hem haha i'll introduce you to this Popcorn-head boy.

He dreamed of becoming an Astronaut when he was a kid.
An arabic-faced boy with a curly bloomy hair.
looks like a broccoli sometimes, and gonna leave this country in the couple of months ahead.
He's gonna go to Germany and stay there for about 5 years ahead.....
quite tall with about 70 kg weights, well-built with a tubby belly.
hates lizard and homosexuals, likes eating, reading, and telling stories.
a metal-core drummer wich also collecting some of K-pop songs on his playlist. (oops :P)
an eldest kid who loves his mother quite more than father.
he's also a nocturnal creature who often awake in the midnight and sleep in the noon.
but just call him and tell him some random stories of yours then you'll hear no more words commin' out from him. he'll fall asleep peacefully like a newborn baby and still having the phone on ears until morning wakes him up
hmm.. he knows a lot. he knows about manythings,
i have to admit that he's a knowledgeable Boy.
But one day we kept arguing about Ganymede which clearly is a satellite of Jupiter and he has been missremembering for a lifetime by admitted it as a Saturn's.
He's an extra careful driver, 'blind-direction' boy, and overly worried about manythings.
overall... all i know is, at this point, i am really grateful having him as a partner, fulltime friend, lover, and boyfriend :)


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