Thursday, January 19, 2012

aufwiedersehen reynaldi :')

that's one of some gifts that i gave to him before his departure day. actually there are some of other gifts i gave sort of scrapbook (that's the most successful scrapbook i've ever done though, :'P but i badly forgot to take the pictures, but he promised to send the photos when he arrives in Berlin. So i'll post it later ya.) a jacket and a knitted winter hat.

that stop motion is the longest and most complicated one from all of the amateurs stop motions i've made before. i made it for about 3 days includes the editing and it takes about 1.657 photos if i'm not mistaken. (even i could have a sleep at 5a.m on the last day *pheww..) It was a really really hardwork indeed, because i made it bymyself without any tripod so that's why there are a lot of shadows of my hands holding the camera on the picts, and it makes some picts don't run properly :( but anywaayyy... besides all of the imperfections, that video is just a little representation of my whole mind about how deep is my feeling wanted you to go There with a happy and blessed feeling that you've had a lovable life and also lovable people that really love you here. That's just all i could make in the last minutes i had.
honestly i do still don't believe that this day would come that fast. Time flies rapidly, and there we go.. the last day we have before you're flying on. The fact that we couldn't meet at all caused me burst into tears at that day. But that's you with all of your unpredictable ways suddenly came to my house in the morning on the next day bringing out the blissfulness and pleasure to our last moment. so thankyou for that :)i always wondering how it feels like about having a last minutes with our favorite person at the airport and knowing that you don't know how long you can see him again. Then there came my turn. i didn't have much time with him at the airport, but i saw in his face a blush of fear, nervous, excited, but most of all.. He's pretty ready enough to go. Never seen him as mature as that time. It was my pleasure to meet your whole big family members at the airport, and see how proud they are of you.your hugs are my favorite, but your last hug at the airport was the warmest hug i've ever had. never feel so safe,comfort,and also sad like that before. i wish i could changed world into the slow motion mode at that time so i can be in your arms longer. you gently released your arms of me while whispering in my ears "Jangan bandel ya kamu, aku mau pergi dulu." aye aye captain :') i didn't cry at that time, don't know why but tears didn't run from my eyes bcause all i could feel is just still can't believe you'll go this fast after day by day had passed me and bringing me closer to the day you're flying on.Then i saw you go in through that gate, pass the body and bag checking, and i saw you take your phone out and i looked on my phone there's your new message "Raass :) Lalala <3" then. i. tears. Lalala means 'I Love you' for us, replied by 'Trololo' then. and we usually said that before end up the phone call. then your Grandma hold me tight and kissed my cheeks while said that i have to always pray for you, you'll find a success in the future. :') so i Seeing you walked away from the distance then wishing like really really wish that i can see you again. in some other days. On the way back home, it was truly feels like something such a greatest part of me missing. And i started wondering how life would be without seeing you in once in a while, without your heartwarming face appears, But no sad no. Merci beaucoup for all of the greatest things you've done in these short 6 months. so little time maybe but i swear there are so much happiness we've shared. i'm telling myself that i'm so blessed to have had you in my life. :)So long my curly.. Take care and Good luck! stay happy there!! jangan nakaaal yah!!! hehe. i love you, as still as a river could be :'3 tons of hugs and kisses von me

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