Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i miss you, and you're my pride

it was so long long time ago,
since the last time i saw him.
even i don't know when it exactly.
since the last time he smiled at me,
even that was too good to remembered
he's the best part of my shorty life.
my biggest pride ever.
to be his kid.

He taught me how to be a tough one
a good person,
he taught me how to eat an ice cream without the mess of my shirt
and he taught me how to drink a cup of hot tea (by pour it on the plate -,-)
in the night he showed me how funny mr.Bean is.
the best part is..
He's a person who left this widest forehead ever on my head. hahahaha

(his trip around the world)
i miss you dad, and it'll be more as i grow up.
promised me, you'll see me succeed and charmed
wherever you are.
be happy there,
you will always be in my prayers.
big hug for you daaaaaad :,)

1 comment:

Janit said...

This is.... lovely. I love it, so much. What a cool Dad you got there :')
Don't worry, Ayas, I bet my Dad and yours is looking at us and smiling together while taking a sip of the greatest coffee in heaven.