Monday, December 7, 2009

i got my mood back!

Let me introduce you too..

Yeah, i was inspired by my New close freak awkward and the one and only creature friend, named ANANG! haha
we call each other with DONKEY! i am Donkey #1 and He's Donkey #2.
I don't know but we both were act like a dummy Donkey sometimes. That picture has some philosophies guys! Anang is a super over skinny boy, his body is just made of skin,hair and fart. hahaha. You can use his hand to play billiard or golf or for hanging up your clothes. Some people said that he's wormy disease because actually he eats a lot every day. -,- so i drew some worms and anakondas out of his stomach do the Hunger Shout. They said "Feed me dude!!"
He has got an extra small mini and tiny eyes. it makes him looks like a squirrel.
He ussualy wears that Bulglar Jacket to school, So it's easy for me to recognize him. haha.
Andd my fave part iss.. HIS SHOESS!! TADAAAA (look at the bottom side, his shoes!)
yeah, a few days ago he showed me his ATTRACTIVE SHOES! you can even talk to his shoes!, it has a mouth! woaaw. it's cooler than warewolf i think. He told me to play soccer more often if i had wanted this kindda shoes. then, it would open its frontside mouth, and it would be bigger and bigger every day ---,--'
No no no, don't put your bad thinking to him. totally He's really a good guy! a great person to be friend. that's why he's so inspired me. HAHAHA This world needs a Donkey like us dude!!!

Donkey Tonkey #1

My unsuccessful "gambar anatomi interaksi" at villamerah -,-

I put this note infront of my desk.. and i read it carefully everyday. A great day, comes from a great Smile :)

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