Friday, February 19, 2010

heyaaa!!! i can do (bad) sketch!

my friend, the hottest one, Kartika Putria

i learnt how to make shadows from the master Cantika , couldn't be as good as her but at least, i'm trying
"There is a man whose called Uncle Jim
Doesn’t have home, he’s sleeping on the street
He use to play his old violin
Singing while tap dancing with his feet

I always see him every morning
He gives me strength and spirit with his smile
I wait the train until it’s coming
Wave my hand and then he says “Goodbye”

Rising up to major notes, falling down to minor chords
I always remember all the words
Don’t worry, be happy.. he shout at me that im so pretty
Maybe people think that he’s so crazy
Uncle Jim, you make my world becomes beautiful
Play the melody once more

Uncle Jim-Endah N Ressa

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