Wednesday, August 11, 2010

hello i'm back!

'hey, i'm cuter than a rat!'
that's my new friend, hamsterhead. He's funny and wants to be a chef someday. -_-

just if i knew how to draw fingers properly :_____(
would anybody teach meee?
i can't even make a fingers with my fingers.
seems so awkward. -__-

it's been a long time since i drew last.
i was drowning in my busyness, and i lost my mood for grabbing a pencil and having a chit chat with papers and eraser. i feel like i'm out of idea, i'm out of talent. yeah.. lately i feel so talentless.
I discourage my dream to be an art worker, but i'll keep drawing, for myself, and my kids later :)

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keep drawing...anything :))
<3 ur artworks ;)