Monday, August 6, 2012


It was such a decade from the last time i went to an art exhibition. Until finally i got that chance to coddle my eyes again with a Hundred amussant paintings and artworks. It was ACT, a charity exhibition by Kopi Keliling in conjunction with One Fifteenth Coffee. displaying artworks from 100 local artists and.. the best thing is.. we can have one of those artworks after the exhibition but it based on the number we had taken before we entered  the exhibition, :D huge yeayness!

what i loved most from that event is about the welcoming Smile-cake. when me and Diniella entered the room, we were directly offered a tasty cupcakes. 
'mau kue ngga?' 
'tapi senyum duluu..' 
haha, they named the cakes with 'Kue Senyum', a goddamn luscious cupcake which is paid just with a single smile-shoot!! This idea came from how creepy life nowadays is when every single thing must be so problematic with money and money, and the owner wants to sell something that can't be paid by money, but just with a smile :')
So.. this is mine and Diniella's genuine smile for that cake.

and other costumer's smilessss :D can you imagine how wonderful is our world when our smile is as valuable as money??

and for any sake.. it was the most jillicious cake i've ever bite!

 These are some of my favorite creations..

what an insane work, "Pink Moon" by Kendra Ahimsa.

luckily got this number and i could bring this painting home!
and this is Diniella's lucky number 

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James Hezekiah said...

it looks like an interesting one.
I guess this event is so 'you', seriously.
keep up on the good work laras :D