Thursday, July 23, 2009

to firda amalia

today is my 4th day that i didn't come to school.
i got very severe flu
but i think this is not my daily flu, Doctor said that i got respiratory tract inflammation
and don't ask me to repeat that.
i hate for being sicked,
especially for today, i wish i could be stronger for today.
because this is not my day, but today is my best friend's day.

yeah i met her when we were in elementary school. and we've through all these life together until today,
the day that i supposed to be there and brought her some candles and sang a Birthday song.
I know she really loves surprise
and she really want some for her day.
but i'm so sorry i'm not strong enough to go for a surprise
i'm so sorry i just sent you a short message but i have so many best wishes indeed.
for yoouu.


i'm sorry for the picture's quality, but one day i'll give you the better one.
just click on it fore the clearer
hemm i've promised her that today i'll give her a big cups of icecream. She really likes ice cream,
blueberry,mint,and any favours she likes it
She like the way we lap it in a hurry before it melt.
and she likes Purple,
likes to be moody
sometimes she got nosebleed when she's tired.
and so many things about her.

Just wanna say Happy birthday, just enjoy your best gift from God dear,
something that you called life, love, and people. :)

Girrafe - Elephant

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