Thursday, April 7, 2011

fill in the ciclre

(that one is my cousin Kristianne, i adore her photos, truly beautiful! )

(just one of my un-finished drawing)

heyya fellas! finally i have this spare time and the good mood to draw again and look after this site :D
It's a week to go to the National exam. very tense but honestly i'm excited. i'm totally so sick of doing learning and studying. wanna end these temptations as soon as possible.
it's been 2 months since i had my last posting. what have happened in 60 days? actually i didn't really enjoy my last 2 months. at all. i lost weight (again and again), i lost my spirit to study, i lost my spare time, i lost my relaxing weekends, i lost my one and only pencil, i lost my quality time with some of my closefirends (the most thing i hate), i lost my intimate talks with my 2nd sister because she has moved work to Medan, and at last, i've lost the meaning of 'Trust'. i don't know how to figure it word by word, i'm bad in describing something by sentences. But the essentially is... i hate liars and being lied by someone. who doesn't anywaay?? i hate knowing nothing.
but just get over it. overall i still had lots of miracles and pleasures lately, i've got many things i should be thankful for :)

have a great day people!
don't forget to spread the truthful words all over the worlds anyway :P

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