Monday, June 6, 2011

L'ouverture du 7eme Printemps Francais: DYSFASHIONAL

me, diniella and aliekha went to an art exhibition at Galeri Nasional on some couple of weeks ago, DYSFASHIONAL (the exhibition's title) was held by CCF and goethe institut. With Luca Marchetti & Emanuele Quinz as curators. displaying artworks from Bless, Hussein Chalayan, Davy Linggar, Amie Dicke, Dita Gambiro, Antonio Marras, Oscar Lawalata, Ruang rupa, Michael sontag, Stella Rissa, Jay Subyakto, and many more!

That was actually a wonderful exhibition i was deadly got awed by the Huge lantern made of super-long dresses and bicycle's tires, Aliekha was interviewed by metro tv.

i destroy most of things i touch, and i did an extremely embarrassing, disgraceful, and criminal thing there which i won't tell you here hahaha :P

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