Sunday, November 6, 2011

The little cloud

last week i've just found some of those treasures in my house. yep, my daddy bought that from England at the long long time ago before i was born. and this is my fave one.
366 Goodningt stories written by Mirozlav Zilina and illustrated by Mirozlav Rada. First published in 1983 and reprinted in 1986 in London.

i am purely in love with the stories and the illustrations too. And i'll tell you about one of my most favorite story, it's about
'The Little Cloud'

Poor little cloud. He wanted to be big so that he could drop raindrops onto the earth and help the flowers and trees to grow. But all the big clouds laguhed at him when he told them this.
'You're far too small,' they all said. 'Go away and don't bother us.'
The cloud drifted away from all the other clouds and floated off on his own. He was so sad that he began to cry and his little teardrops fell down to the earth and landed on a little snowdrop that was just beginning to push its way through the brown soil. It was very grateful to the little cloud for giving it some water, for it had been quite thirsty, and looked up into the sky and smiled at the cloud.
The cloud saw the smile and was very proud. He knew then that one day he would be big enough to help the other rainclouds.

that's the stories about the raincloud and i'll show you some other illustration on that book.

who doesn't fall in love with that flying elephant??????? ><

And at the back side, i found this...

that might be my first handwriting :P
Thankyou daddy!

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