Saturday, November 5, 2011

octoborn kid

time flies very fast, never thought now i've hit the number 18! it's another late post about my birthday on last october. over all i had much happiness on that day and even until a couple of days later. i got some surprises from some lovable people around me. It was begun with a midnight surprise by some friends at my 'kosan' hihi. although it was rather failed at beginning but still that was a first touchy happy birthday song on my 18 age. :') here they are, the kindhearted people who knocked my door at 12:00 and brought a choco brownies with my first birthday candle on it..
Then, after i came back from campus, i got another surprises from anggun, firda, risty, and ella who had been hiding in my bathroom with 18 slices of 'martabak' and cakes.

and there's another shocking dramatic surprises after that. it was My boyfie team up with my ibu kosan. i got scolded and cursed by my ibu kos. i almost cry at that time because my ibu kos shouted angrily at me and my friends. but a few minutes after that, He came up with some of gifts in his hand.
a perfecto awesome artwork from him made by Hans, greatjob hans :D really love the painting.
in the couple of months later, we're gonna be a hundred miles far appart.
and that's still be one of my dream, amien :)
another gift, a coldplay newest album myloxyloto t-shirt! weeewww!
with the songlists on the back :D

wait, that's not the last, at about 10pm i still got surprised by Gabby's coming. waaaaa.. she came up brought me a medicine, can't believe she knew i was havin' a severe flu :''''') dep deep thanks for you pella!

as the end of my birthday is not the end of the kindness of the lovable creatures in my life, on the next day, when i was takin' a shower, suddenly Shilla came up to my room with this green cuttie cupcakes. :") so much gracias shillaaaa! :D

thankyou for all of you that had makin' my birthday greatfully wonderful! thanks for the surprises, gift, birthday song, wishes and another kindness that day :') deep deep thanks to all :D love you!

sincerely, octoborn kid

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