Monday, April 20, 2009

good night

i still awake at this quite cold nite
in the middle of this spooky dark nite
don't know what's the reason
don't know what kinda things could makes my eyes never could be tired
what magic or what kinda spell is it

i tried to take a long deep breath
i tried to feel a feeling that called 'relax'
i tried to droppin' my head onto my pillow
i tried to hear d moon's lullaby,
i tried to count a dozens of a sheep and let them jumpin' along my 2 cm brain,with hurry
but nothing happens

i just
couldn't be tired to think about you
too exited for tomorrow, what any other way you make me laugh, make me melted, or being stupid in the phone
i just never be tired imagine that one night i can fly to your night,
seeking behind your window, and take some pictures of your 'natural pose'
i just can't stop myself for being silly in front of them, trapped in a red piggy face and weird action everytime i got your message.
and took an hour just to set word by word,my best words,
in these mini-complicated brain, then i wish that you'll get that piggy face too :)

you know?
you've made me wait for a very long time?
successfully i'm waiting boy,
passed through the night by night,
but i haven't got any clue, or any reason,
to not wait
or to run over
i haven't got any places to put down this tears,
this childish attitude
and this super giant feeling.
love feeling.

i don't wanna missed a thing man,
and let got me 'that thing'
or just let me be the thing
your only thing

i hope i can back to that stage,
that stage, when i cried on the stage as a winner,
when i had a proud smile with the trophy in my hand,
when i have a million words and feelings over my mind
you stood in front of the stage, with 'your smile' (just you can do that smile)
brought me some flowers
and yellin' out my name, even we don't know each other yet, haha
thanks anyway..

but i can feel it,remind it every time we talk
i still have a million words and feelings,
i still have a wider smile,
and i wish i could be your winner.. :)

okay, i think this is enough..
enough for make a you turn into A BIG PIGGY WITH A HOT REDISH FACE by this posting!!!

good nite every body,
good nite piggy :P

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